About Us

Who are we?

Dingle Dolphin Boat Tours are the longest running boat tour association in Dingle. With over 30 years of experience on the water, we have been providing tours to thousands every year since 1987

Meet our crew

Our association consists of our skippers, office staff and tour guides

Adam Flannery

Chairman, Skipper

Gary Brosnan

Treasurer, Skipper

Martin Flannery


Gillian May

Office Staff

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Dingle Dolphin Boat Tours, where every wave tells a story and every journey is a voyage into the heart of Dingle Bay’s rich history and breathtaking beauty.

Meet Martin Flannery, our esteemed Skipper of the Laird of Staffa, whose seafaring legacy spans back to 1983. With decades of experience navigating these waters, Martin is a living encyclopedia of Dingle’s past, weaving tales of lore and legend into every tour.
Join Gary Brosnan, Skipper of the Draiocht, whose intimate connection with these seas dates back to 1994. After years as a trusted relief skipper, Gary now leads our voyages full-time, his expertise in fishing melding seamlessly with his passion for showcasing the wonders of Dingle Bay. Step aboard the Island Explorer with Adam Flannery at the helm, a seasoned mariner whose journey with us began 16 years ago. From his days as a commercial fisherman to his current role as a dedicated Skipper, Adam’s commitment to our team and the sea is unwavering. Behind the scenes, Gilly May, our Office Manager, is the friendly face and digital voice of Dingle Dolphin Tours. Since 2008, she has been the backbone of our operation, providing stellar customer service and cultivating a vibrant online community. Guiding our digital course is Ruth Flannery, our Marketing Manager, whose evolution from crew member to digital strategist mirrors our company’s growth. With her creative streak and knack for tech, Ruth ensures that every online interaction is as memorable as our tours themselves. Onboard, our crew—Tip, Bob, Bren, Nuada, Ailbhe, and Gearoid—are the heart and soul of our operation. Trained tour guides with a deep knowledge of the Dingle area, they are the guardians of your journey, ready to share their insights and make every moment at sea truly unforgettable. At Dingle Dolphin Boat Tours, we don’t just navigate the waves; we craft experiences that linger in your memories long after the journey ends. Join us, and discover the magic of Dingle Bay through the eyes of our talented and passionate team.


Our Fleet

There are three vessels in our association


The Draíocht, meaning ‘magic’ is one of our newer vessels. This boat is licensed to carry 48 passengers plus 2 crew members. This was purposely built by Kingfisher UK for passengers

Skippered by Gary 

Island Explorer

The Island Explorer is our newest vessel, licensed to carry up to 72 passengers plus 3 crew members. This was purposely build by Kingfisher UK for passengers.

Skippered by Adam

Laird of Staffa

‘Staffa’ is an island of the Inner Hebrides in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. The Laird of Staffa is licensed to carry 48 passengers plus 2 crew members. This was built Halmatic in the UK.

Skippered by Martin

Our history

Below is a brief history of how Dingle Dolphin Boat Tours began with enormous help from a special friend – Fungie the Dingle dolphin

Fungie arrives in Dingle

In 1983 a lone, young bottle nose dolphin followed a fishing boat into Dingle harbour. Weeks passed and this same dolphin was spotted various times by countless boats and the light housekeeper Paddy Ferriter. Curious, locals began heading out to see this dolphin who was very fun-loving and seemed to love the attention of humans. Word spread, the media got hooked, Dingle Dolphin Tours was formed and thus the legend that is Fungie the Dingle Dolphin was born.

1984 – 2019
His popularity grows

Over the years Fungie became a worldwide phenomenon for being a solitary dolphin who preferred the company of people to other dolphins. People came from all corners of the earth just to experience the wonder that was Fungie. An exciting boat trip for some, a life changing experience for others, Fungie’s intoxicating nature and cheeky smile stole the heart of millions. Dingle Dolphin Boat Tours played a big part in enabling people to visit our beloved friend.

Fungie’s disappearance

After thirty-seven years in Dingle, creating joyous, unforgettable memories and providing once in a lifetime moment for many, our friend disappeared as mysteriously as he arrived back in 1983.
Gone but never forgotten, Dingle Dolphin Boat Tours decided to carry on and created new tours to continue the legacy Fungie created for us in Dingle. We are forever grateful to him and will always know the ‘Dingle Dolphin’ in Dingle Dolphin Boat Tours only refers to him.

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